Review: PARLEY Lederwaren

Liebe Gentlemen!

Wir haben für euch einige der hochwertigen PARLEY Produkte unter die Lupe genommen. Für alle die lieber ein kurzes Video schauen, das Videoreview findet ihr HIER

Die Marke PARLEY aus der Stadt Zürich bietet luxuriöse Lederwaren – und Designs made in Switzerland an. Was erstaunlich ist: PARLEY bietet ihre Luxusgüter zu erschwinglichen Preisen und dennoch die Qualität namenhafter Marken an.

Uns wurde zur Verfügung gestellt:

Drei Geldbörsen in verschiedenen Designs und Farben sowie ein Kreditkartenhalter.

Die Produkte wurden allesamt pflanzlich gegerbt und bestehen vollständig aus Nappaleder.

Das schwarze und das braune Portemonnaie weisen innovative Muster auf. Durch das sogenannte Heissprägungsverfahren wird dem Leder ein exaktes Muster verpasst. Als Ergebnis findet man fehlerfreie Prägungen, was die Geldbörsen umso sehenswerter macht.

Der Farbverlauf der blauen Geldbörse wird von Hand(!) erstellt. Das bedeutet, dass jedes einzelne Stück ein Unikat ist.

Die Kanten der Geldbörsen sind alle lackiert. Das klassische Zerfranzen wird somit verhindert. Folglich halten die Produkte eine Ewigkeit im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Produkten.

Hier findet Ihr eine Bildergallerie, sowie die Links zu den Produkten.

Hier klick zum Einkaufen

PS: Mit dem Code “TMG17” bekommt ihr einen 20% Rabatt!

The Professor Photoshoot!

Dear fellow modern gentlemen

Today and tomorrow I am busy with a little project, where I’m in the Basel nature historic museum and taking pictures dressed as a professor. I tried to achieve this look by simply dressing with types of fabric which have an old school vibe to it.  Let’s take a look at it shall we :)?

The museum gives a great scenery and fits perfect for the professor role! Now add a book and glasses et voila you have a professor, at least that’s what I have told myself 😉 

The exhibition was great a lot of different creatures and ages were on display! I definitely recommend anyone going to Basel to check out the nature historic museum. 

I hope you enjoyed the short preview! The whole photoshoot is coming soon. So stay tuned and make sure you visit TMG 😉

I like to read books with picture in them

Calm down its just a bear, he’s not going to bite.. or is he?

I like turtles and Giraffes

Let me just try to pose in front of these butterflies

Words are mightier than purple socks, or how did that go again? 

Let me know how you liked this photoshoot!


TMG visits HYT

Dear fellow modern gentlemen!

Today we are going to talk about another watch brand, that has been growing close to my heart.
HYT also know as the hydro mechanical horologists of the watch world. I can already tell you that the watches HYT produces are unique in every way possible.DSC03099

We were visiting HYT on a sunny day Friday in July, we were lucky enough to get a privat presentation from none other than CEO Mr. Gregory Dourde himself. He was explaining to us how his watches work in a 1.5 hour long presentation, so please excuse me for not even getting close with my explanation on how these watches work. After the presentation we were allowed to visit the manufacture of HYT at a beautiful building right at the border to the lake of Neuchatel!


The watches of HYT blur the borders of mechanical watchmaking and mix with liquids, hydromechanics and of course science in general. So lets take a look shall we?


Here you can see one of the HYT watches, the H1 Titanium in black DLC. Now let me try to explain why this watch is so special.
First of all you will notice the green liquid, this is the way the H1 tells you the hours. The small face,  at the position 12 shows you the minutes, just like a regular watch does.
Now the first secret of the HYT watches is, that there are two liquids! One being green and the other being with no color. These two liquids do not mix, which was of course a challenge for the men and women at HYT. They put in a lot of research to overcome this obstacle. The liquids of this watch are one of the most expensive components of the watch! However it is not the most expensive, the coating inside of the tube in which the two liquids are located, is the most expensive part of the watch.


I was as surprised as you are probably right now. The nano coating inside of the tube is very complex and took a lot of research to create. The liquids themselves are very different from each other and  very complex, the nano coating had the job to repel both of the liquids from the tube, so when the liquids move to show the hour, it doesn’t get stuck anywhere along the tube. As you can tell by now, there is a lot of science behind these watches! Just imagine creating two totally different liquids which repel each other but create ONE nano coating which repels BOTH of them! Amazing work by HYT

DSC03201  DSC03195

Another challenge for the scientists of HYT, was the ability of quickly changing the time with the crown, just as customers are used to, when they operate an ordinary watch. However as we learned HYT is no ordinary watch brand.
The secret lies in the two bellows, made of highly resistant, flexible electro-deposited alloy, which are located at six o’clock. The bellows are responsible for the retraction and insertion of the liquids into the tube. The two bellows each have a piston, which is responsible for taking care of any temperature changes, which is also a huge challenge which the scientists of HYT had to face!


The piston regulates the liquids, when the temperature rises, the piston retracts some of the liquid, because the liquid would expand (therefore make the hour hand position inaccurate) and of course the piston does the opposite when the temperature falls.


The mechanical movement is one part of the watch and the liquid hour hand is the other. Them working together is the incredible product of HYT.

Now we got the technical part behind us we can focus on some pictures we took while being at HYT.
Let me know what you think of the pictures!

DSC03172 DSC03106 DSC03108 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03120 DSC03195 DSC03138 DSC03133 DSC03126 DSC03123


A gentleman without any luxury can still be recognized as one -TMG